The Wide Open Expanses...A Photo Blog Begins!

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Ketan said...

Ah, so I finally get to be the first commentator on this blog!!!! :D

I like this theme, I was thinking of using it for my blog.

I liked the pic. Obviously, you had the opportunity to be at such a scenic location, so not much credit is due to you! :P Or is it your camera that made it look beautiful? Or shall I finally congratulate the button-clicking-fool? ;)

I found one thing strange in the pic, and which is not exactly the pic. I would have never thought you would use the kind of font you used in it. Somehow it is too contorted for how straightforward you are (or I think you to be).

Anyway, nice to meet Stupidosaur again after so long, if not through words, through his pic. :)

Take care.

Stupidosaur's Camera said...

Hello Stupidosaur's friend! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for the first comment too!

But there is just one thing in which you are mistaken. This blog is almost entirely run by me - Stupidosaur's Camera. As you can see, even stupid Blogger knows that all posts of this blog are "Posted by Camera of Stupidosaur". Since this is your first time here, I'll let it go this once :P. But be careful next time.

And yes my friend, this is the world of art! It calls for artistic fonts! Even Stupidosaur might have used pretty fonts here.

But then maybe you are right! Maybe your 'straightforward' Stupidosaur would have used some silly font like Arial (Bold+Underline) and ruined all my hard work on the pic! Good that I didn't allow him any control of this blog AT ALL! I am in charge here! Hrrrmmph!

And by the way, I wonder what the theme was when you visited. I have been playing with it all the while after posting the pic!

Was it this?

Or this?

Or maybe this?

Or maybe amongst the 10-15 others I played with?

Hah, even right now I have almost 10 versions of this blog open in my browser tabs! I just can't decide! Maybe I'll ask Stupidosaur when he wakes up.

Or maybe I'll keep changing blog template pic along with new post pics! Maybe match backgrounds with the post pics! Whee! What fun!

And yeah I'll tell Stupidosaur you visited!

I am not Stupidosaur. This is MY Blog! Sorry to break your bubble. Hope you won't break my lens for it. ;)

Yeah, in case you have a business proposition, I can call Stupidosaur for you, or you can drop a message at HIS blog any time. You see, I am more of a purist. I don't deal with dirty stuff like money

Stupidosaur said...

Hey Ketan! Welcome!

Oh what is this? My camera is being brash with you!

Bad Camera! You are grounded! No battery charging for you for 10 hours now!

Aur shakal dekhi hai apni? Business proposition! Ek do achchhi photo kya nikaal di, bhai saab purist artist ban gaye! Aur mujhe agent bhi bana diya! Baith jaa beta, baith neeche thoda :P

I apologise for my Camera's behavior Ketan! Sorry!

Ketan said...


I was thinking of invoking Thy Lord, but I desisted. :) What if Thy Lord would have been sleeping and not like Bullosopher's disturbance? ;)

You made me laugh and smile.

Thanks! :)

Ketan said...

The theme I saw is the same as current one - with gray blocks.

Srishti said...

BEACH! Droooool. :D

Kanan said...

Aah heaven... what place is that? I love the white sand, blue waters and lush green trees.

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