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Srishti said...

Ooooohhhh! LOVE the details Stupii. Where did you meet them? They are super cute! Really.

Now I'm sure that talent is not equally divided. you're funny, intelligent and an awesome photographer. IS THERE NO JUSTICE IN THE WORLD?

Ketan said...

Yes, I agree with Sristi, the rabbits are really cute (or would they be called hares? Will check out the difference some other time).

And the colors are so vivid. Stupidosaur's camera and my PC monitor certainly deserve praise for that. :D

And Srishti. The world is overflowing with divine justice, for divine justice is infinite and as much just as the divinity itself. ;)

Okay I know the previous paragraph sounds odd and hardly makes any sense, but that's actually seen as a good thing when talking about such stuff. said...

very beautifull