A Flight Of Fancy...

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Insignia said...

I have similar clicks :-) Dont you feel like touching those fluffy fluffy clouds!! Dreamy!

Kanan said...

That's my kind of photo. I should share with you the one I've taken. Actually, why not. Here it is.

Stupidosaur said...

Yeah. I too have many of this kind. I guess everyone who goes by plane does :P.

Even posted one earlier here

BTW Kanan, I saw your pics. They are good! But why do I have a feeling these are not all of your plane window pics? Maybe a year or more back I had gone to your flickr (or some such) photo stream from your profile/blog or some place and seen some (at least 2) really colourful ones. The clarity, landscape and colour of the sky were great. Where are you hiding those? Cant see them in the Airplane Shots stream.