The Alien Outpost

I clicked this photo when I went to Mars the other day. That was one heavily guarded planet and they had a strict "No photographs" policy! Luckily I got my chance when I was near this guard tower while the sentry was away, maybe to pee, or to exchange duty with another one, or for some other reason we will never know! But I am glad he was away, whatever the reason!

Haha just kidding. I took this photograph when I was goofing around on the roof of my building one evening. It is the picture of the ventilation pipe. (something like this one, but much smaller) The setting sun is right behind it, to give a nice silhouette effect.

Camera Settings used for the photograph
Focal length    : 17.4mm
Aperture            : f/5.6
Shutter speed  : 1/1250 s
ISO                       : 100

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